It’s Not Always As Simple

So, I was looking at my Amazon Author Page and realized, I am terrible at things like “marketing.” That is really a surprise, I haven’t updated that page with anything in, well years. But what I also realized (when I sorted my books by publication date), that I haven’t really been writing a lot lately. That is a different problem than being bad at marketing, since without books I don’t really have anything to market.

I did a book fair this past weekend. It was actually the very first time I did an author event without an expo or meeting or something attached to it. Just some writers, in a room, with their books. It was interesting and sad all at the same time. I did sell some books, oddly enough not the motorcycle ones I’ve gotten used to selling, but when I was talking about Super City, I realized  I’ve had a second draft of the next book which has been on my computer for a re-write for years. Actual years, not hyperbole years.

In that time I’ve written part of one other book, my 2016 NaNo, and I’ve written the 2017 NaNo that is going to end up as a long short story. Its actually going need a lot of help, that story. But, I digress.

This year I’ve managed one new book, Beginner to Overlander, and I struggled to get that done. Last year I wrote Sidelines, but that was out in the first part of the year. The rest of the time I was supposed to be working on Beginner to Overlander, and well, didn’t.

I did do other things. I spend time with my wife. I traveled some. I think I cleaned my desk off at least once. Probably. But I wasn’t productive. I heard once an actor who isn’t acting is unemployed, if that is true of a writer than I haven’t had a job in a while.

And that needs to change.

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